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Science Creationism Gish

Duane Gish

Duane Gish quote about ER 1470 (1997) (Off Site) by Jim Foley

An example of Gish misquoting a scientist.

Creationist Arguments: Duane Gish and Wadjak Man (1998) (Off Site) by Jim Foley

Gish claimed that Eugène Dubois concealed information on the Wadjak skulls until 30 years after their discovery. Even after being shown publications where Dubois revealed the Wadjak skulls, Gish continued to repeat his claim that the publications do not exist.

Creationist Whoppers (Off Site)

A small sampler of creationist whoppers that includes Gish’s account of the “bullfrog” incident compared to Schadewald’s account.

Review of Duane Gish’s “Creation Scientists Answer Their Critics” (1994) by Jim Lippard

“It is impossible to read more than a few pages of Gish’s book without encountering emotion-laden adjectives. And if Gish can describe an evolutionist as an ‘atheist,’ a ‘humanist,’ or a ‘Marxist,’ he rarely hesitates to do so…. It is ironic, then, that Gish advises evolutionists to avoid ‘vicious, ad hominem attacks….'”

Duane Gish and Creationism (1994; Revised 1999) (Off Site) by Richard Trott

A critique of Gish’s 1994 presentation at Rutgers University.

Gish’s Response (1994) (Off Site)

Richard Trott’s Rebuttal (1994) (Off Site)

Some Questions for Duane Gish (1998) by Brian Pietruszweski

Collection of questions that were “written in preparation for a visit by Duane Gish to Rice University. They are meant to be confrontational and asked face-to-face with Gish.”