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Science Creationism Debates

Creationist Debates

Is Creationism Science? (Gish-Zindler Debate) (1990) [ Index ]

A debate between Duane Gish and Frank Zindler that was aired on a radio program hosted by Jim Bleikamp. Zindler tries to get Gish to move beyond merely attacking evolution and provide positive evidence for creationism.

E-mail Conversation with a Creationist (Alan Hale vs. Anonymous) (1997)

Astronomer Alan Hale answers questions from a creationist who has concerns about the big bang theory and wonders if the speed of light is a constant.

How Did We Get Here? (Johnson-Miller NOVA Debate) (1996) [ Index ] (Off Site)

A written debate between creationist Phillip Johnson and biologist Kenneth Miller.

The Saladin-Gish II Debate (1988) [ Index ] by Ken Saladin

A creationism versus evolution debate held at Auburn University between biologist Ken Saladin and creationist Duane Gish.

Response to Feedback (1996) on the Saladin-Gish II Debate by Ken Saladin

Ken Saladin answers questions that arose as a result of his debate with Gish.

Should Both Sides of the Debate on Evolution be Included in Textbooks? (2008) by J.E. Hill and Seth Cooper

In January 2004 the Spring Hill Review: A Journal of Northwest Culture published a written exchange between J. E. Hill and Seth Cooper (of the Discovery Institute) over whether creationism should be taught in public schools. In his opening statement Seth Cooper not only deviated from the topic at hand by presenting a laundry list of “problems with various aspects of Darwin’s theory,” but managed to avoid presenting even a single argument for why creationism should be included in science textbooks. Moreover, he never addressed how teaching creationism would provide “balance” to scientific accounts, or whether creationism itself is even a scientific theory. Though there is no debate among biologists about whether evolution best explains the progression of life on Earth, a small group of religious conservatives want their religious worldview promoted in public schools, and thus have taken their views to the arena of public and political opinion rather than peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The Question of Noah’s Flood (Morris-Zindler Debate) (1989)

John Morris and Frank Zindler debate whether or not Noah’s flood actually occurred. Morris argues that theories about the past cannot be properly tested and must therefore be taken on faith. Zindler argues that hypotheses about the past can be scientifically tested and that geological evidence indicates that Noah’s flood never actually happened.

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