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Closing Statement

Robert M. Price


Well, my presentation has not tried to promote a dogma, as some have heard. I think that may be a result of just sort of hearing what you’re used to hearing, perhaps. I don’t mean to preach any notion as infallibly true. I seek in any teaching I do to provide information and perspectives, and urge people to make up their own minds. It would be unspeakably foolish for anyone to accept what I say because it sounds good or because I say it. That would be the last thing I would want. I believe that it’s the truncation of human intelligence and freedom to believe anything on authority. If you’re interested in any matter, you’re obliged to seek out the information and the appropriate methodology, not to have second-hand beliefs on anything.

So if you wind up accepting any opinion I have put forth here, that’s your business. It does me no good if you do, does me no harm if you don’t, nor do I seek to convert anyone. However, that approach is what’s important to me, the evaluation of evidence. And I continue to do as Albert Schweitzer said, to oppose the crooked and fragile thinking of Christian apologetics. It was my concern, learned from Christianity, to venerate the truth that made me eventually reject Christianity because it seems to me to play fast and loose with it. [applause]

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The electronic version is copyright © 1998 by Internet Infidels, Inc. with the written permission of Robert M. Price and John C. Rankin.

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