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Robert Price Price Rankin About

Mars Hill Forum #35


A Dialogue With

Dr. Robert Price and Rev. John Rankin

Held At

Unitarian Church

Montclair, New Jersey

January 11, 1997

Transcribed by Pieter Crow


DR. ROBERT M. PRICE is Adjunct Professor of New Testament at Drew University and Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy, Religion, and Classics at Montclair State University. He holds a masters degree in theology from Gordon-Conwell, two earned doctoral degrees in theology from Drew University, and is the author of numerous scholarly publications. Formerly a defender of the Christian faith, Dr. Price describes himself today as an agnostic. Address: 30 Stockton Street, Bloomfield NJ 07003-5016; Web site: https://infidels.org/library/modern/robert_price/.

REV. JOHN C. RANKIN, president and founder of the Theological Education Institute (TEI), holds graduate degrees in theology from Gordon-Conwell and Harvard. In 1993 he founded the Mars Hill Forum, held on college campuses and other sites, where he hosts the nation’s leading cultural spokespersons who wish to test his evangelical worldview with their toughest questions, and he insists on not knowing the questions ahead of time. Raised an agnostic Unitarian, Rev. Rankin describes himself today as an evangelical Christian. Address: TEI, 100 Allyn St., Hartford CT 06103; Phone/fax 860-246-0099; Web site: http://www.therankinfile.com

“The Price-Rankin Debate” is copyright © 1997 by Robert M. Price. All rights reserved.

The electronic version is copyright © 1998 by Internet Infidels, Inc. with the written permission of Robert M. Price and John C. Rankin.

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