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Richard Carrier Carrier Wanchick Bios

Who We Are (2006)


Welcome to Naturalism vs. Theism: The Carrier-Wanchick Debate. Here Richard and Tom explain who they are.

Richard Carrier:

Richard Carrier is a published historian and philosopher, with a several degrees in intellectual history, including an M.Phil. from Columbia University, where he is currently working on his doctorate in ancient science. He is the author of Sense and Goodness without God: A Defense of Metaphysical Naturalism and a contributing author to The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave. Richard is a secular humanist and metaphysical naturalist who has taught and debated his views before audiences across the country and on national television. He has written articles for several print publications and academic journals, as well as for the Secular Web, where he once served as Editor-in-Chief and where he remains one of the most read authors. For more on Richard Carrier’s views and work, see his author page in the Secular Web Modern Library and his own page on Naturalism as a Worldview.

Tom Wanchick:

Tom Wanchick is a certified public accountant by day and a Christian writer and apologist by night. Residing in Lewiston, New York, Wanchick’s personal research interests include philosophical theology and Christian apologetics, and his writings on these subjects have been published in Christian Research Journal and Think. He’s also had a Secular Web exchange with famed atheist philosopher Michael Martin on the plausibility of Heaven. Wanchick thinks naturalism is like most other ideologies endorsed in public schools and universities: dangerous and clearly false. He occasionally addresses these issues on his weblog The Good Fight.

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