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Paranormal Healing


Faith Healing

Archive of Medical Expert Gary Posner’s Essays on the Paranormal [ Index ]

Can Science Prove that Prayer Works? by Hector Avalos (1997) (Off Site)

Florida woman’s “miraculous” cure featured on “Unsolved Mysteries” by Gary P. Posner (Off site)

God in the CCU? by Gary P. Posner

If Looks Could Kill and Words Could Heal (There’d be a lot more dead and a lot fewer sick people around.) by Robert Baker (1994) (Off site)

Medical Practice Enters a New Age [Review of Larry Dossey’s Healing Words] by Gary P. Posner

The Mysterious Placebo by John E. Dodes (1997) (Off site)

An NBC-TV newsmagazine’s cynically skewed reporting on the “power of prayer” by Gary P. Posner (Off site)

Nonhealing a Nonexistent Tumor by Gary P. Posner (Off site)

Prayer and Healing by Marc Petrowsky and Bill Zellner (Off site)

Prayer Wars by Robert Baker (1997) (Off site)

Some Thoughts About Faith Healing by Stephen Barrett, MD (1999) (Off Site)