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Lively Answers to Theists: Review of Robin Le Poidevin’s Arguing for Atheism (1998) by Keith Parsons

The Many Forms of Atheism (Off Site) by Massimo Pigliucci

Review of Antony Flew’s God, Freedom, and Immortality (1985) by Michael Martin

Review of George H. Smith’s Atheism: The Case Against God (1982) Michael Martin

Review of Gordon Stein’s An Anthology of Atheism and Rationalism (1986) by Michael Martin

Review of Irreligion (2008) by William Faris

John Allen Paulos is a mathematician who writes popular books about the role that mathematics plays in everyday life. In Irreligion he tackles arguments for the existence of God, from design arguments to arguments from miracles to Pascal’s wager. His refutations are intended to plant the seeds of doubt more than to offer scholarly analysis. In some cases mathematics is relevant to the argument, but overall the book is a rather light-hearted and personal account of why the author remains unconvinced.

Review of J.J.C. Smart & J.J. Haldane, Atheism and Theism (1997) by Finngeir Hiorth

Review of Michael Martin and Ricci Monier, eds., The Impossibility of God (2005) by Julian Baggini

Review of Michael Martin’s Big Domino in the Sky (1997) by Finngeir Hiorth

Review of Robin Le Poidevin’s Arguing for Atheism (1997) by Finngeir Hiorth

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