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Nontheism Atheism Links

Recommended Sites

Note: This page is NOT intended to be a list of all personal home pages maintained by atheists. Rather, this page is only intended to list some exceptionally good home pages on the Internet.

Agnosticism / Atheism at the Mining Company (Off Site)

Hosted by Austin Cline.

Arguments in Favor of Atheism (Off Site)

Part of the home page of Dr. Niclas Berggren.

The Celebrity Atheist List [Off Site]

A collection of the names of notable individuals who have been public about their lack of belief in deities, as well as some who seem to be skeptical when it comes to religion but whose beliefs are nevertheless somewhat ambiguous.

Famous Dead Nontheists [Off Site]

A list of famous people, now dead, who have rejected God and religion. This list celebrates people throughout history who have advocated living life without deference to a transcendent power. The purposes of the list are to combat the pervasive myth that atheists are immoral people and to convince the undecided that it is OK to be an atheist.

The UK’s Leading Atheist Page (Off Site)

Steven Carr’s home page.

Wasteland of Wonders: Atheism and Atheist Dept. (Off Site)

Adrian Barnett’s atheism page.

Jeffery Jay Lowder maintains this page.

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