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Massimo Pigliucci Column Rationallyspeaking

Rationally Speaking

Massimo Pigliucci

Whence Natural Rights? – A Dialogue (October 2000) (Off Site)

Dr. Pigliucci examines the question of human rights through an interesting dialogue between two characters: Hypatia and Simplicia.

The Place of Science (September 2000)

Dr. Pigliucci examines anti-science sentiment and the false assumptions made with respect to the arrogance and force to which science is encroaching on the territory of other fields of inquiry. He challenges the anti-science climate of our day and forges new territory for science at the same time.

The Rationalist Fallacy (August 2000)

Dr. Pigliucci examines the common fallacy among the rationalist community that if we only tried harder, explained things more clearly, we would be able to improve humanity’s lot and increase science literacy throughout the world.