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Mark Vuletic Policy

Internet Infidels receives quite a bit of mail, as is evident to anyone who peruses our feedback section. To reduce clutter in the feedback section, we are now instituting a series of conditions for the printing of mail. In order to have your letter printed by Internet Infidels, it must meet the following critieria:

  1. Your letter must be submitted via the Secular Web form mail, which can be accessed by clicking "Send Feedback" at the bottom of any page on the Secular Web; letters sent to individuals associated with Internet Infidels or to addresses will not be printed.
  2. Your letter must contain your full name and a valid e-mail address.
  3. Your letter must be free of expletives, although naturally we don’t expect everyone to necessarily be polite.
  4. Your letter must not contain any URLs.
  5. Your letter must be in response to a specific document in the Library section of the Secular Web, excluding the Historical Documents section – letters scolding long-deceased authors will be discarded. Also, letters regarding typographical, access, or HTML problems will not be printed.
  6. Letters which state an objection or which ask a question that has already been answered will not be printed.
  7. Your letter must be written in appropriate case. "All caps" letters will be discarded.

Please note that you do not necessarily have to meet any of these conditions to have your mail read and personally replied to – these are conditions only for printing on the feedback page. We still welcome submissions of new URLs, notifications of broken links, and feedback on all sections of the Secular Web.

Mark I. Vuletic

Secretary, Internet Infidels

all rights reserved