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The Gospel According to Whom? – Preface

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An Ex-Believer Looks at the Synoptic Gospels and Their Evangelical Christian Whitewashers


This book is not written for scholars and is not offered as a contribution to scholarship. My goal is not to break new ground, but simply to present the results of mainstream New Testament scholarship in a way that is understandable to nonscholarly readers. You will find no discussions of topics that interest specialists but put ordinary readers to sleep, no impenetrable theological jargon, and no passages in Greek, German, or any other foreign language. You will occasionally come upon a transliterated Greek word or phrase which I have supplied as evidence that my claim is not based on English translations, which vary greatly and are often inaccurate, but on the Greek text. Nor have I cluttered the book with footnotes or required readers to constantly flip to the back in search of endnotes. Actually, I have made sparing use of direct quotation and always included my sources within parentheses in the main text. All New Testament passages are from the King James Version—not because it is the best translation, but because it is the best known.

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