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Secular Web Feature Articles: 1999

The Society of Humanist Philosophers 1999 Conference” (1999) by James Still

Al Gore on Arrogant Atheists” (1999) by James Still

If the message boards are not yet crawling with the news they soon will be: U.S. Vice President and Presidential candidate Al Gore admitted that he was a born-again Christian. During a 60 Minutes interview, broadcast on Dec. 5, he also attacked nonbelievers–or what Gore referred to as the “anti-religious view”– calling them “arrogant” and “intimidating . . . making people who do believe in God feel like they’re being put down and I don’t like that. I’ve never liked that.”

Answers to Prayers” (1999) by Lee Salisbury

Salisbury asks why so many Christians are experiencing extreme difficulties, given Jesus’ promise that prayers would be answered (Mt. 7:7).

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