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Farrell Till Turkel

Reply to Robert Turkel (1998)

Farrell Till


[Editor’s Note: We publish here in its entirety Farrell Till’s series of replies to Robert Turkel, the anonymous apologist of Tekton Apologetics Ministries also known as James Patrick Holding. Although the Internet Infidels have known Mr. Turkel’s real name for over a year now, he requested that we honor his wish to use only the anonymous name under which he publishes and we always honored that request. Since that time, however, we have learned that Mr. Turkel routinely reveals his real name in his e-mail address when he replies to those who send e-mail to him at his web site. Also, Farrell Till, who is not affiliated with the Internet Infidels, has published this reply on alt.bible.errancy, which has subsequently been routed to usenet servers all over the world. With the genie out of the bottle, the Internet Infidels’ new policy is to permit the publication of essays (and to link to off-site essays) that reveal Turkel/Holding’s real name.]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Concluding Postscript