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Farrell Till Index Twilight

Articles: Journeys to the Twilight Zone

"Journeys to the Twilight Zone" was the name of a regular column authored by Farrell Till for The Secular Humanist Bulletin from 1995?-1997. Given that some articles refer to the previous article, articles are listed in chronological order.

Pioneers of Loophole Religion (1995/1996) (Off Site)

Even in the heyday of Israel, when Yahweh routinely talked directly to his people, smorgasbord religion was as much in vogue as now. If one didn’t like a divine command, he simply rationalized it away.

Child Abuse Yahweh’s Way (1996) (Off Site)

The Bible (Judges 11:29-40) records the story of Jephthah, an Israelite judge whose ill-conceived oath led him to sacrifice his only child as a burnt offering to Yahweh. Only in the Twilight Zone of biblical times could one become a "hero of faith" by killing his daughter in order to keep a foolish oath.

Talk to The Animals (1996) (Off Site)

The Book of Numbers records the story of a man named Balaam, who had a talking donkey. Only in Twilight-Zone days could someone have encountered a talking donkey and not been completely dumbfounded by it.

Great Balls of Fire! (1996/1997) (Off Site)

Yahweh, that inscrutable god of twilight-zone days, demanded that both the one who offered a sacrifice to him and the sacrifice itself have a perfect set of balls.

Scooping and Copping (1997) (Off Site)

The Twilight Zone, where the children of Israel lived and worshipped their god Yahweh, was indeed a strange place. Perhaps the only thing stranger than this god was the legal system that he imposed on his "chosen people." Yahweh was very sensitive about matters that pertained to bodily functions.

Love Thy Sister (1997) (Off Site)

In previous trips to the Twilight Zone, we looked at some of the strange laws of the people who lived there. One of their strangest was known as the “Levirate law.” This was a law that prohibited a widow without a son from marrying until she had given her brothers-in-law a chance to succeed where their brother had failed.

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