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Farrell Till Horner Till About

This is a transcript of the debate between Michael Horner and Farrell Till on the historicity of the Resurrection which was held May 30th, 1995, at Seattle Pacific University. This transcript has been published by mutual agreement of Farrell Till and Michael Horner. We express appreciation to Don Morgan for transcribing the debate from audio tapes. This transcript is not copyrighted and may be reproduced by anyone wanting to distribute it locally, provided that nothing is deleted from it and that the addresses of both disputants are published along with the text of the debate. For electronic reproduction on computer bulletin boards, an ASCII copy may be obtained by sending one FD disk to Skepticism Inc., P.O. Box 717, Canton, IL 61520.

Mr. Horner, who holds an M. A. in Philosophy from the University of Toronto and who is currently employed by Campus Crusade for Christ of Canada, argued for the historicity of the Resurrection. Mr. Till, an ex-missionary and ex-minister who is the editor of The Skeptical Review, argued against the historicity of the Resurrection.


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