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Debates Secularist Suicide

On The Subject of Suicide:

Suicide is an option people have in life and, as we are all aware, it is often chosen by individuals usually unhappy in life. For secularists, suicide may be approached rather differently than the traditional religious believer and their thoughts on the afterlife. Should suicide be a consideration at all? Is it wrong to end one’s life or is it simply a matter of personal and private choice? What arguments exist on the subject within the secular community? Here we hope to present two sides of the debate on suicide. We are looking for a participant that is against suicide and/or considers it an immoral or wrong choice and another who argues that it is not immoral and/or is a matter of personal choice. We also hope to explore here the issues involved with suicide and possibly the problems that exist within our societies that tend to increase the incidences of suicide.

If you would like to volunteer to debate your stance on the subject, write to The Secular Web.

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