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Debates Secularist Sexes

On The Difference Between the Sexes:

For centuries people have been studying the differences to be found among men and women and using their ideas for one purpose or another. What are the differences between the sexes? How deeply rooted are these differences? Evolutionary psychology looks to our ancestral environment to find the source of the differences we can still see today in the actions and behaviors of men and women. Others point to cultural forces and historical contexts as a source of the differences we believe exist. Men are often touted as more rational and analytical while women are more compassionate, emotional and nurturing. Some people claim there are fundamental differences in abilities, in neurological hardware, and much more. If there are differences how should they be employed within our societies and social policy? What dangers or benefits exist from recognizing the differences among the sexes? Here we hope to explore the subject in greater detail by presenting two of the opinions that exist within the field of inquiry.

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