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Debates Secularist Segregate

On The Issues Involved in Segregation:

The issues involved in segregation closely parallel those involved in the subject of multiculturalism although there are some important differences. Having a separate debate on this subject also allows some of the arguments to be examined more closely. Segregation involves placing emphasis on the difference among peoples rather than the similarities. This may involving taking divisive action to separate different cultures, partitioning communities, offering different services for each, or simply promoting different attitudes and stereotypes for the diversity among humanity. Segregation may happen naturally, it may be an effect of prejudice, or even a desired outcome within a particular society. What does the Secular Community think about the subject of segregation? Is it harmful, beneficial, or neither? Here we hope to present a debate on the subject involving two participants with differing opinions.

If you would like to volunteer to debate your stance on the subject, write to The Secular Web.

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