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Debates Secularist Race

On The Issues Involved in Intelligence and Race:

Each decade, the controversy over intelligence and race rears its ugly head and public opinions on the subject increase in number. For some, the ideas involved in the subject of intelligence and race are largely misunderstood with the question being helplessly flawed from the onset. Some consider the ideas to have no basis in evolutionary theory, anthropological study and other sciences. If differences exist among the races, some people claim they are due to cultural and social history and the particular context to which they are applied. Others claim the problem lies in our definition of intelligence and the limits of IQ tests. Some consider the term "race" to be the source of the confusion. Many human rights activists and individuals consider the subject to be far to dangerous to explore as it promotes racism and prejudice. Others believe there are indeed valid differences in intelligence among the races. Here we hope to explore the controversial subject by presenting two opinions on the matter.

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