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Debates Secularist Multiculture

On The Subject of Multiculturalism:

Our global community presents an enormous diversity of cultures, traditions, beliefs, and worldviews. Developed countries are often considered a "melting pot" for a variety of cultures that have immigrated, at one time or another, to the developed areas. This is especially prevalent in the "new world" of the Americas. Canada, and to some respects the US, are defined as having a multicultural identity, with a diverse group of nationalities and cultures represented in their midst. Critics of multiculturalism believe that it leads to irreconcilable differences in government, societal issues, and culture wars. Others believe it works to eradicate specific cultures that need preserving. Some believe it opens the doors to racism, prejudice, and a whole slew of unfortunate consequences. Advocates of multiculturalism believe it benefits all members of society in education, in reducing our differences and fostering tolerance and cooperation, that it works to offer more choices to individuals and champions the goals of peace and goodwill towards all of humankind. The Secular Community represents a number of these views and we hope to present two of those here.

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