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Debates Secularist Housewives

On The Subject of Housewives:

Housewives, also called domestic engineers, are decreasing in number as more women enter the workforce. Part of the feminist and women’s rights movements see this as evidence of their success in liberating women. Others think simply the choice now afforded women concerning the subject, is the criterion of success. Debate has surfaced concerning the cost and benefit of women no longer staying at home to look after the children and domestic affairs. Some believe that the current problems society is facing with respect to children and young people is largely due to the absenteeism of parental support. Others think the increase in divorce, adultery, and general marital problems is due to women entering the workforce. Some women are quite comfortable living as housewives and believe their families and lives are enriched by their decision to be stay-at-home moms. Other women find the entire debate a mute issue and incredibly insulting to women. Some would prefer the subject to be discussed without the emphasis on women but instead on one parent – whether male of female. Here we would like to present two sides of the debate on stay-at-home moms and the occupation of domestic engineering. We hope to have two women debators for this topic.

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