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Debates Secularist Homo

On The Subject of Homosexuality:

The majority of opposition in society on the subject of homosexuality comes from the religious community with the Bible being referred to as supporting evidence for their position. In the secular community, however, some people also consider homosexuality to be wrong, unnatural or immoral. Their reasons are varied, including referral to the purpose of evolution, sex, and life. A large part of the world is homosexual, including a segment of the Secular Community. Activists, both straight and gay, are working diligently to secure the rights of homosexuals and to put them on equal footing as heterosexuals. Science is continuing its study in the genetic basis of homosexuality, while some individuals are exploring possibly forces within our culture and environment that may lead to the gay, lesbian or bisexual lifestyle. We hope to explore the controversy surrounding homosexuality here by offering two opinions on the subject.

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