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Debates Secularist Guns

On The Issue of Gun Control:

The subject of Gun Control captures the interest of many Americans, not to mention other people living in our global community.. The diversity of laws, or the lack of law enforcement in the United States, surrounding the issues of gun control are being questioned by government and the public, both. The high level of crime, the horror of gun use among children, teens, gangs and other citizens, and the use of guns in recreation and sport, all play a role in the debate over gun control. What do members of the Secular Community think about the issues involved in Gun Control? Here we hope to present a debate on the subject, with debators for and against gun control, in varying degree.

If you would like to volunteer to debate your stance on the issue, write to The Secular Web.

Go to the Debate Forum for lively discussion on the issue of Gun Control and this Debate!

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