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Debates Secularist Capital Debators

Meet the Debators

The topic for this debate is: Is There a Humanist Case For Capital Punishment?

Arguing For Capital Punishment is Daniel Strain

Daniel T. Strain, an artist by profession, lives in Houston, Texas. He is the founder and former Director of the Houston Secular Humanists (HSH) and the former Chair of the Houston Humanist Alliance. Daniel is currently serving as the ASHS Texas Regional Director for the Council for Secular Humanism and serves on the General Advisory Board of the Secular Student Alliance (SSA). Daniel has written several articles on secular ethics and the humanist movement for various newsletters and group publications.

Arguing Against Capital Punishment is Amanda Chesworth

Amanda Chesworth has a B.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Sciences and a diploma in Journalism. Currently she works for the Skeptics Society, writing articles on science and pseudoscience for Jr. Skeptic Magazine. She is also Vice President of the Internet Infidels and serves on the Board of Directors for the Secular Student Alliance. Amanda has also had the pleasure of working for the Council for Secular Humanism as Coordinator for the Campus Freethought Alliance. She has, however, voluntarily given up activism for a life of solitude and good reading in the enchanting land of New Mexico.

Go to the Debate Forum for lively discussion on the issue of Capital Punishment and this Debate!

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