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Debates Secularist Affirm

On The Issue of Affirmative Action:

Affirmative Action is part of the socialist political platform but it can also be found in various facets of our society. Many interpretations exist on the issue, along with varying degrees of support and opposition. Plainly put, affirmative action seeks to restore, or initiate, equality of opportunity among all human beings. How it achieves this goal, however, is a hot topic of debate. Some people contend that affirmative action is destroying the concepts of meritocracy and actually rewarding incompetence. They also accuse the system of actually destroying the chances for equality in that they make it more difficult for the non-minorities in question: usually male Caucasians. Others believe it will work to reduce prejudice, injustice and a whole slew of disadvantageous characteristics currently working in our societies. Here we hope to explore the issue more and present two opposing viewpoints on the subject of affirmative action.

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