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Ed Babinski

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Brief Testimony from an Ex-Christian (1995)

Babinski’s post to the EX-TIAN mailing list summarizing his own deconversion.

Cretinism or Evilution? [ Index ] (Off Site)

A periodical edited by Babinski on creationism vs. evolution.

Does the Bible Speak of the Brain? (1993)

If the authors of the Bible were inspired by an all-knowing God, how come they believed that the mind was centered in our intestines?

The Lowdown on God’s Showdown (2001)

For two millennia in Christendom, every generation has been the last generation. Babinski explains the delay.

The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience (1999)

In his chapter on “The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience” (a chapter that McDowell or his editorial staff chose to delete from the latest edition of Evidence That Demands a Verdict), he made a variety of sweeping claims about the “Christian Experience,” and also argued for the uniqueness of the Christian experience in history, but McDowell did not investigate history very deeply, nor the lives and writings of the Christians whom he cited, some of whom came to hold different views on a wide variety of theological subjects. Lastly, McDowell seems to have only examined superficially his own youthful conversion experience (any reasonable analysis of which would seem to confirm how young and emotionally unstable he was when he converted).

What Happened to the Resurrected Saints? (1992)

Concludes Ed Babinski, “those of us who doubt the story of the many raised saints see in it a reflection of the kind of blind faith that made the story of Jesus’ resurrection catch on in the first place.”

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