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About This Transcript

Jeffery J. Lowder


This is a transcript of a debate on the existence of God, between Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. Corey Washington, which took place on 9 February 1995 at the University of Washington, before an audience well over 1500 people.

I have taken the time to transcribe this debate because I think this transcript will be valuable to many people. As a former debater myself, transcribing a debate such as this fulfills my occasional "debate need" that I sometimes experience. But more importantly, I know that far more people will benefit from reading this transcript than those who were fortunate enough to attend the debate live. I’m delighted to prepare this transcript for print and electronic distribution because I know that, by so doing, I am making this information available to literally millions of people. In that sense, we all win.

The debate was videotaped by ASUW. In general, this tape was of very high quality so that I had very little difficulty in determining what was said.

Material enclosed in square brackets – [] – was not actually spoken but inserted for clarification. Throughout the transcript, ellipses (…) are used to indicate incomplete thoughts, not material left out. The few places where meaningful sounds could not be extracted from the videotape of the debate are indicated in the text with words such as "hubbub," etc.

The HTML code for this transcript was a joint product of Jeffery Jay Lowder, Internet Infidels; John Gay, Leadership University; and Keith Seabourn, Leadership University. John and Keith, I might add, were a pleasure to work with.

The Internet Infidels are an international coalition of freethinkers dedicated to promoting nontheistic worldviews on the Internet. Leadership University is dedicated to providing the best information in the world informed by a biblical worldview.

Jeffery Jay Lowder


Internet Infidels

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