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Church State Vouchers

School Vouchers


Education Vouchers: America Can’t Afford to Wait (1991) (Off Site) by Tom Tancredo

“The shortcomings of government schools in America resemble those of the former Soviet Union.”

The Legal Case–and the Fairness Case–for Vouchers (1996) (Off Site) by Clint Bolick

“This is not about the establishment of religion. It is about fulfilling a guarantee that our nation has made to every school child, and that is the guarantee of equal educational opportunity. I believe that school choice takes us a major step toward fulfilling the promise of Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954. That is the promise of giving kids who need a good education the most a real shot at attaining it.”

Religion in the Public Schools [ Index ] by Americans United for Separation of Church and State (Off Site)

As church-state separation battles have escalated in recent decades, so too have misconceptions about the role of religion in public schools. Some Religious Right activists charge that the courts have misinterpreted the First Amendment to remove all traces of religion from the classroom. Has God been expelled from our schools? Has the Bible been excluded from school curriculum? In reality, the answer to these questions is “no.” In order to begin to clear up some of the misunderstanding about religion’s place in our schools, it is important for Americans to have the facts.

Vouchers: No, But… Taxpayer Help To Parents Will Advance Separation (1996) by David Barulich

Rebuttals to many of the arguments promoted by Freedom Lovers Against Vouchers (FLAV).


The Case Against Vouchers (1996) (Off Site) by Alex Molnar

Vouchers are “bad public policy in almost every way you look at it.”

Private School Vouchers (Off Site) by The Wisconsin Education Association Council

“Private school choice is a diversion sponsored by those whose collective economic decisions have made life in our urban community a daily struggle for survival.”

Private School Vouchers: Myth vs. Fact (Off Site) (PDF) by Americans United for Separation of Church and State

“Vouchers are merely the first step toward full state funding of religious schools.”

Voucher System Would Hurt Schools Not Help (1996) (Off Site) by Bob Chase (NEA President)

The nation’s public schools are the backbone of our democratic system, weaving our diverse society into a nation and helping young people grow into responsible citizens. Pseudo reforms like vouchers that only “help” a few kids at the expense of many lead us away from the serious solutions that will help guarantee every child in the nation a quality education.