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Church State Scouts

Goverment Endorsement of the Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts of America Practices Discrimination (2000) by Annie Laurie Gaylor (Off Site)

Boy Scouts of America openly rejects membership applications by nonreligious parents and boys. BSA has never apologized for the pain it has caused youngsters who have been told “any boy can join,” then robbed of the right to have fun with their friends. It has changed its rules midstream, advertising itself as a civic, patriotic club emphasizing fun and skills, then insidiously demanding a religious test. Hard-working, longtime adult volunteers have been summarily expelled for expressing concern over BSA’s unkind discrimination.

How Your Tax Dollars Support the Boy Scouts of America (1995) by Larry Taylor (Off Site)

Taylor summarizes the various ways that American taxpayers support the B.S.A.

Not Practicing What You Preach: The Boy Scouts of America’s Refusal to Recognize Atheism (1993) by Todd M. Pence

I submit that the policy of the Boy Scouts of America concerning persons who do not believe in God is inconsistent with its own principles. I furthermore offer a challenge to anyone affiliated with the BSA who reads this article and agrees with the ideas expressed in it.

On Their Honor: Has the Media Told the Whole Truth about the BSA-UUA Dispute? (1998) by Matthew Goldstein

In a dispute between the Boy Scouts of America and the Unitarian Universalist Association over the exclusion of gays and nonbelievers, the national news media has misreported the dispute as being about gays only. Goldstein provides the missing half of the story and an explanation of why the newspapers failed to meet their most basic obligation to their readers.

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