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Church State Recommended

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Americans United is dedicated to maintaining separation of church and state.

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Critique of David Barton’s “America’s Godly Heritage” (1996) by the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs (Off Site)

David Barton, in his taped presentation called “America’s Godly Heritage,” peddles the proposition that America is a “Christian Nation,” legally and historically. He also asserts that the principle of church-state separation, while not in the Constitution, has systematically been used to rule religion out of the public arena, particularly the public school system. This is not a new argument, but Barton is especially slick in his presentation. His presentation has just enough ring of truth to make him credible to many people. It is, however, laced with exaggerations, half- truths, and misstatements of fact. His citation to supporting research is scant at best and at times non-existent.

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