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Anachronist Why I Believe

Commentary on D. James Kennedy’s book Why I Believe



D. James Kennedy is the founder of Coral Ridge Ministries in Florida. A television show exists by the same name, although I have not seen it. Dr. Kennedy is an evangelical Christian who has written several books, including Evangelism Explosion and Why I Believe. The latter book was given to me by a friend in an effort to explain to me her reasons for holding to her faith.

Why I Believe is a concise, easy-to-read book containing most of the typical Christian arguments about the subjects below, in one convenient place – making it an excellent instrument for use as a jumping-off point for critical and honest commentaries on these subjects.


Chapter 1. Why I Believe in the Bible

Chapter 2. The Stones Cry Out

Chapter 3. Why I Believe in God

Chapter 4. Why I Believe in Creation

Chapters 5-6. Why I Believe in Heaven/ Hell

Chapter 7. Why I Believe in Moral Absolutes

Chapters 8-13




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