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Joseph Mccabe Religious Controversy

The Story Of Religious Controversy

by Joseph McCabe



Chapter I – The Revolt Against Religion

Chapter II – The Origin Of Religion

Chapter III – A Few Of The World’s Great Religions

Chapter IV – The Myth Of Immortality

Chapter V – The Futility Of Belief In God

Chapter VI – The Human Origin of Morals

Chapter VII – The Forgery Of The Old Testament

Chapter VIII – Religion And Morals In Ancient Babylon

Chapter IX – Religion And Morals In Ancient Egypt

Chapter X – Life And Morals In Greece and Rome

Chapter XI – Phallic Elements In Religion

Chapter XII – Did Jesus Ever Live?

Chapter XIII – The Sources Of Christian Morality

Chapter XIV – Pagan Christs Before Jesus

Chapter XV – Legends Of Saints And Martyrs

Chapter XVI – How Christianity “Triumphed”

Chapter XVII – The Evolution Of Christian Doctrine

Chapter XVIII – The Degradation Of Woman

Chapter XIX – Christianity And Slavery

Chapter XX – The Church And The School

Chapter XXI – The Dark Ages

Chapter XXII – New Light On Witchcraft

Chapter XXIII – The Horrors Of The Inquisition

Chapter XXIV – Medieval Art And The Church

Chapter XXV – The Moorish Civilization In Spain

Chapter XXVI – The Renaissance: A European Awakening

Chapter XXVII – The Reformation And Protestant Reaction

Chapter XXVIII – The Truth About Galileo And Medieval Science

Chapter XXIX – The Jesuits: Religious Rogues

Chapter XXX – The Conflict Between Science And Religion

Chapter XXXI – Do We Need Religion?

Chapter XXXII – The Triumph Of Materialism

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