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What If I’m an Atheist?: A Teen’s Guide to Exploring a Life Without Religion



Can you have guidance without God? This thoughtful, one-of-a-kind guide offers answers to all of your questions about atheism and nonbelief.

Have you ever wondered what religion and belief mean for your life? Maybe you believe in nothing at all. Does that mean you’re an atheist? What does atheism even mean? Regardless of the religious background you grew up with, it’s natural to question what you believe–or don’t believe. Establishing your views about religion and spirituality is part of becoming an individual, but outside pressures can make it tough to know what is right.

What If I’m an Atheist? offers a thoughtful exploration of how atheism or the absence of religion can impact your life. From discussing the practical significance of holidays to offering conversation starters and tips, this guide is an invaluable resource about religion, spirituality, and the lack thereof.

This compassionate, nonjudgmental guide includes peer interviews featuring both religious and atheist teens and provides a safe space to find answers to the questions you may not want to ask out loud, so you can decide what you believe–or don’t–for yourself.


“From veteran journalist Seidman comes a straightforward guide for the teen interested in contemplating atheism. A superbly written, smart and sensitive guidebook.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Journalist Seidman offers a guide for teens struggling with unbelief, particularly those who are likely to experience hostility or ambivalence about their change in convictions … an excellent primer for teens needing guidance in navigating the culturally contentious and personally troublesome waters of religion.”
Publishers Weekly

“Seasoned journalist and prolific writer, Seidman claims to practice “a higher … service journalism, [offering] information that can help change a life,” and he delivers on that promise. With well-reasoned, meticulously researched, articulate, serious and lighthearted content, the book is delightfully teen friendly.”
– Cynthia Winfield VOYA

“Thought-provoking, sometimes gut-wrenchingly honest, and chock full of real-world information, this is a book that both nonbelievers and believers will find stimulating and worthy of discussion.”
– Anna Jedrziewski Retailing Insight

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