The Vanquished Gods: Science, Religion, and the Nature of Belief

The twentieth century brought about a dramatic change in our conception of reality. Advances in the natural sciences radically altered our understanding of human existence and the universe; biblical scholarship demystified the Bible; and scientific inquiry has superseded biblical and church authority. Despite these dramatic developments, the public seems largely unaware of the radical conceptual implications of scientific discoveries and explanations.

The aim of this clearly written and engaging work is to provide the open-minded reader with the necessary historical, biblical, and scientific background for understanding and evaluating this crucial development. Reviewing both the history of science and the history of Judaism and Christianity as uncovered by modern scholarship, philosopher Richard H. Schlagel comes to the conclusion that the religious viewpoint has been rendered obsolete by scientific advances. Following Socrates’ dictum that “the unexamined life is not worth living,” Professor Schlagel exhorts us to leave outmoded tradition behind and accept the rationally compelling evidence of the scientific worldview.