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The Trigger

The Trigger

From Arthur C. Clarke, bestselling author of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Creator Of The Rama
, and Michael Kube-Mcdowell comes a breathtaking new novel of bold scientific speculation
and edge-of-your-seat suspense: a riveting thriller in which the fate of humanity depends on whose
finger is on…The Trigger.

It is the ultimate antiweapon. A device that can render guns and bombs virtually harmless. At least
that is how Dr. Jeffrey Horton, the brilliant young physicist who developed the Trigger, hopes his
discovery will be used. Yet, like the scientists who first believed nuclear weapons would be the
ultimate deterrent to war, could Horton and his colleagues be wrong? Will this new technology bring
peace, or chaos? Will it be used to protect people, or control them? Will it mean the end of war, or a
whole new kind of war? Not even Horton could have foreseen the fierce power struggle emerging for
control of the Trigger. Soon it becomes clear that no one can be trusted. Not even those closest to
him. Someone has already betrayed the project. Others will do anything to stop it–or co-opt it for their
own ends. And the greatest enemy may be those with the best intentions.