The Seven Mighty Blows to Traditional Beliefs

A.J. Mattill, Jr. (B.A., B.D. and Ph.D. in Bible and theology) has revised and greatly enlarged The Seven Mighty Blows to Traditional Beliefs in order to produce this second edition. The seven blows are:

1. The Astronomical Blow: Do “the heavans declare the glory of God?”
2. The Biological Blow: “Is evolution atheism?”
3. The Archeological Blow: Does archeology prove the Bible?
4. The Geological Blow: Is belief in the age of rocks replacing belief in the Rock of Ages?
5. The Biblical Criticism Blow: Does modern biblical criticism make the Bible come alive or is it poison to traditional beliefs?
6. The Apocalyptic Blow: Has the apocalyptic blow knocked the life out of Jesus’ endtime religion?
7. The World Religions Blow: Does the study of world religions reduce every religion to a think-so religion?

The paperback costs $15.00 and may only be ordered via the publisher:

The Flatwoods Free Press
Route 2, Box 49
Gordo, AL 35466-9517