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The Reason Driven Life: What Am I Here on Earth For?

The Reason Driven Life: What Am I Here on Earth For?

Book Description

With more than 25,000,000 copies sold, Pastor Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven Life has been both a commercially successful best-seller and a widely influential book in the Christian community. In The Reason Driven Life Price offers the first parody and critique of Warren’s bestseller. Warren’s God, Price says, is a “Frankenstein Monster, a divine bully, and an obsessive stalker.”

Following closely the forty-chapter structure of Warren’s book, Price’s point-counterpoint approach emphasizes the importance of reason in understanding life’s realities as opposed to Warren’s devotional perspective. In particular, Price takes issue with Warren’s use of scriptural quotations, demonstrating that many of them have little to do with the points Warren is trying to make.

An important section of the book shows that the popular evangelical notion of “a personal relationship with Jesus Christ” is utterly without any scriptural basis. Price also provides many persuasive arguments for the use of reason as a tool for developing moral maturity and an intelligent, realistic perspective on life’s highs and lows. Ultimately, The Reason-Driven Life offers a healthier, alternative approach to wisdom and motivation, says Price, than the simplistic answers and feel-good emotionalism at the heart of Warren’s prescription for life.


Forward (by Julia Sweeney)     7

Introduction     11

1     It Is About You     23

2     You Are a Work of Art     31

3     One-Track Mind?     38

4     Sons of Dust     51

5     My View Is God’s View     63

6     No Changes Are Permanent, but Change Is     72

7     The Mystery of Everything     81

8     God: Planned for Our Pleasure     91

9     What Makes Me Sick     101

10     The Achilles’ Heel of Worship     111

11     Becoming Imaginary Friends with God     119

12     Providence and Superstition     127

13     Worship That Creates God     133

14     I Can’t Get No Sanctification     144

15     Joining the Sect     152

16     The Greatest of These     160

17     A Place to Conform     

18     Heretics Anonymous     179

19     Prices’ Ten Commandments     186

20     Healing Religious Divisions     191

21     Damage Control     199

22     The Character of Christ     209

23     When is a Religion Not a Religion     216

24     The Paper Idol     226

25     Jesus with a Jackhammer     234

26     Satan’s Sunday School     243

27     Temp Job     257

28     Jerusalem Wasn’t Built in a Day     269

29     Service Industry/     277

30     Cut Out the Holy Ghost Noise!     283

31     Cogs for Christ     293

32     Being Who You Are     299

33     How Twisted Texts Scream     307

34     Meetings with Unremarkable Men     313

35     War Is Peace/Freedom Is Slavery/Weakness Is Strength     320

36     Made into Missionaries     325

37     Fabricating Your Life Message     330

38     The Hidden Agenda of Witnessing     336

39     Juggling Your Life     344

40     Not without Reason     350

Bibliography     357


“The wittiest, most thorough, and most devastating critique of the religion of the Evangelicals that I have ever read. It left me wondering how the religion of great Protestant heroes of faith like Luther and Bunyan can have turned into the inane religion of Ned Flanders, Homer Simpson’s neighbor.”

   – Don Cupitt, Anglican priest, Fellow of Emmanuel College in Cambridge University, religious philosopher, and the author of forty books

“In his own inimitable style, Robert Price in this volume challenges Rick Warren’s bestselling book: A Purpose Driven Life. With the rapier’s sword of Price’s insight wrapped in a devastating sense of humor, he leaves not just Warren but all similar fundamentalistic religious leaders bleeding and exposed for what they are: anxiety-driven, survival-seeking, power-hungry people masquerading under the banner of piety or hiding behind the sounds of the sacred.”

   – John Shelby Spong, Author of A New Christianity for a New World

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