The New Jackals: Ramzi Yousef, Osama bin Laden and the Future of Terrorism

Writen long before “Day 9-11,” this book explores in depth the new terrorist movement that the United States has now declared war against. In the shock and horror of the recent attack, the prior (and less successful) 1993 attack goes largely unmentioned. However, as the evidence mounts that the recent attack was sponsored by the same group, largely for the same reasons, the detailed view of what the investigation into earlier bombings by this group discovered about them will provide a great deal of insight and context to current events.

Highly detailed and yet immensely readable, The New Jackals sheds new light on two of the world’s most notorious terrorists. Reeve warns that Ramzi Yousef (the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) and Osama bin Laden (the spiritual and financial leader of this loose network of terrorist cells) are just the first of a new breed of terrorist, men with no restrictions on mass killing. He also offers evidence that bin Laden’s organization may already have chemical and nuclear weapons and explains why the world could soon face attacks by terrorists with weapons of mass destruction.

As we contemplate current headlines warning against chemical and biological attacks launched from crop dusting airplanes, this chilling book details the unlimited hatred for the West and Western Civilization which drives these men to perpetrate unspeakable acts of terror. Thus, this book provides much needed context and understanding for current and future events in America’s New War against terrorism.