The Dunwich Cycle : Where the Old Gods Wait (US 1996 Paperback)

In the Dunwiches of the world the old ways linger. Safely distant from bustling cities, ignorant of science, ignored by civilization, dull enough never to excite others, poor enough never to provoke envy, these are safe harbours for superstition and seemingly meaningless custom. Sometimes also they shelter truths that have seeped invisibly across the centuries. The people are unlearned but not unknowing of things once great and horrible, of times when the rivers ran red and dark shudderings ruled the air. And now such times have returned.

Nine stories set where horror begins, each story prefaced and with a general introduction by the series editor.

Includes stories by Arthur Machen, H. P. Lovecraft, August W. Derleth, Robert M. Price, Richard A. Lupoff, Ben Indick, W.H. Pugmire, and C.J. Henderson.