Soldiers of God: White Supremacists and their Holy War for America

The most serious threat facing America today is the rise of violent, well-organized white supremacists within our own borders. Fueled by the explosive events at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Freeman stand-off in Montana, and intensified by the Oklahoma City bombing, these powerful groups wage a holy war against an oppressive government and the ever-darkening face of America.

Soldiers of God is the first book brave enough to let these masterminds of hatred speak their minds in their own words. Here are white supremacists’ views on: the conspiracy of the Zionist Occupational Government; the Aryan race as the true Israel and God’s chosen people; the ways they are uniting to forge a white homeland; why race-mixers must be stopped; the Holocaust hoax; and much more.

Drawing on exclusive interviews, documents, and never-before-seen photographs from inside the various movements, the authors help us to understand who these white supremacists are, what they stand for, and how their growing influence affects us all.