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Philosophy of Religion: An Introduction

Philosophy of Religion: An Introduction

One of the most respected scholars in the field, William L. Rowe offers a well-balanced, understandable introduction ot the central topics in philosophy of religion. With a clarity praised by reviewers, the author helps introductory students assess the sorts of reasons that thoughtful people have advanced for and against religious belief. Topics include: differing conceptions of the divine, arguments supporting the existence of a theistic God, arguments supporting atheism, the question of life after death, miracles, and modern attempts to provide religious alternatives to traditional theism.

An exceptional partner to anthologies and other primary material, this updated Third Edition discusses new developments and resurging interest in the field, including…

  • A deeper look at religius pluralism and recently developed arguments that dispute the idea of just one religion (our own) as holding the key to humankind’s ultimate destiny.
  • Expanded discussion of the problem of evil.
  • Recent developments in the argument for the the existence of God, including a new version of the argument from design.
  • New arguments within epistemology concerning the rationality of belief in God.
  • Study questions at the end of each chapter that direct readers to key points and arguments.
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