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Onward Christian Soldiers?


Christian Coalition members have money, influence, power, and a willingness to show up at the ballot box and vote. The Christian Coalition is credited with a major role in the Republicans astonishing sweep of 1996 electoral successes and which foreshadowed their status as major players in state-level Republican politics and the Republican National Convention of 1996. These groups are called the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, and/or the Religious Right. They are the greatest threat to freethought issues such as the separation of church and state we have seen in this century. Onward Christian Soldiers? tells us who they are, what their history has been in 20th century American politics, and how they might organize themselves for future political effectiveness. Clyde Wilcox tackles the sticky political dilemma of the proper role of religious groups in American politics and government while showing how the contemporary Religious Right does (and does not) fit into that context. Onward Christian Soldiers? is must reading in order to understand contemporary political movements and strategies.

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