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Mortal Minds: The Biology of Near Death Experiences

Mortal Minds: The Biology of Near Death Experiences

Book Description

Dying is the last conscious experience undergone by each person. But what do the dying experience? In the last few decades a good deal of publicity has surrounded people who have been close to death and then reported intense experiences that seem to suggest a supernatural existence beyond death. Does the conscious mind somehow continue to exist after the body has passed away? Mortal Minds answers these questions.

Dr. G. M. Woerlee explains how the normal functioning of the human body near death can generate beliefs in the reality of the supernatural and life after death. An anesthesiologist with more than twenty years of hospital experience, Dr. Woerlee has been struck over the years by the similarities between the body’s symptoms under anesthesia and its reactions near death. Among the issues he addresses are the sensations of being disembodied that those near death often describe, the perception that mind and body are separate components of existence, whether there is such a thing as a soul, the physical effects of decreased oxygen to the brain, and the visions that the dying sometimes report, from rapturous experiences of eternal peace to diabolical dreams.

While not dismissing near death experiences as mere hallucinations, Dr. Woerlee is also careful to point out that even powerful psychological impressions by themselves do not constitute scientific proof of life after death. Taking this balanced, objective stance, he succeeds in conveying a better understanding of the dying process and helping us all to realize the nature of these final experiences.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Questions

Chapter 2: Death of the Body

Chapter 3: Separate Body, Mind & Soul

Chapter 4: Properties of the Soul

Chapter 5: Animation by the Soul

Chapter 6: Control by the Soul

Chapter 7: Paranormal Senses

Chapter 8: Dreams & Visions

Chapter 9: The Aura

Chapter 10: Disembodiment Defined

Chapter 11: Sensation, Body, & Mind

Chapter 12: Disembodied Feelings

Chapter 13: Diabolical Dreams

Chapter 14: Body, Mind & Soul

Chapter 15: Dying

Chapter 16: Oxygen Starvation

Chapter 17: Dying Eyes

Chapter 18: The Experience of Dying

Chapter 19: A Vision of Eternity



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