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Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism

Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism


An eye-opening account of a groundswell religious movement determined to change America.

Michelle Goldberg’s Kingdom Coming takes us on a journey through an America in the grips of a fevered religious radicalism: the America of our time. From the classroom to the megachurch to the federal court, Goldberg carefully demonstrates how the growing influence of dominionism–the doctrine that Christians have the right to rule nonbelievers–is threatening the foundations of democracy.

Deep within the “red” zones of a divided America we meet military retirees pledging to seize the nation in Christ’s name, perfidious congressmen courting the confidence of neo-confederates and proponents of theocracy, and leaders of federally funded programs offering Jesus as the solution to the country’s social problems.

Kingdom Coming offers the powerful testimony of “regular” Americans to illustrate the subversive effect of this conservative stranglehold nationwide, and it urgently requires us to turn our attention to the mechanisms of an insidious fundamentalism opposed to science, pluralism, and reason.


“This carefully researched and riveting treatise will hardly allay its audience’s fears, however; secular liberals and mainstream believers alike will find Goldberg’s descriptions of today’s culture wars deeply disturbing.”

– From Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“A serious, scathing, eye-opening expose of the ongoing takeover of our country by rightwing Christians … witty, funny, and humane.”

– Katha Pollitt, author of Subject to Debate: Sense and Dissents on Women, Politics, and Culture

Reveals how thoroughly our national discourse has been corrupted by the mad work of religious literalists. A terrifying, necessary book.

– Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason and Letter to a Christian Nation.

Every patriot who still cherishes the freedoms we inherited from the nation’s founders should read this book.

– Joe Conason, author of The Hunting of the President

A chilling and lucid investigation into the rise of Christian extremism in America.

– Julia Scheeres, author of Jesus Land

If you cherish plurality and reason, read Kingdom Coming to get the bad news–and to restore your faith in journalism.

– Todd Gitlin, author of The Intellectuals and the Flag

Every American who cherishes religious freedom, civil liberties, and the separation of church and state must read Kingdom Coming.

– Abraham H. Foxman, national director, Anti-Defamation League, and author of Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism

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