James Dobson’s War on America

For the first time, a former high-level insider provides a behind-the-scenes look at the private world of James Dobson, one of the most powerful (yet clandestine) figures waging religious war against mainstream America. In James Dobson’s War On America we learn what only an insider could know about James Dobson, who has the power and the will to subjugate our personal freedoms, while hiding from the focus of the media. Former Senior Vice President of “Focus on the Family”, Gil Alexander-Moegerle reveals the dark side of this man and his “civil war of values” in a candid expose based on ten years experience within Dobson’s organization.
The most telling description of James Dobson is that his is not what he appears to be. This chasm between the highly crafted public persona that exudes love and concerns, and the fiercely competitive, ruthless, power-hungry, and materialistic private man reveals an almost Jekyll-and-Hyde dualism. James Dobson’s War On America issues a warning call to concerned citizens, liberal and conservative alike, to oppose this man who is a creature of inner rage, intense racism, sexism, and homophobia — all of which are at the root base of his radical political plan for a “Christian America” — Dobson style.