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Is Christianity Good for the World?

Is Christianity Good for the World?


The gloves come off in this rowdy literary bout (originally hosted by, and published in, Christianity Today) as atheist Christopher Hitchens (“one of the beltway’s most respected public intellectuals,” “an intimidating intellectual Goliath”) and Christian apologist Douglas Wilson (“an ultra-conservative pastor from Idaho who looks like a lumberjack”) go head-to-head on this divisive question. The result is entertaining and provocative.


“You couldn’t write two characters more contrary. What’s more real and punk rock than a fight between two guys who are on complete opposite sides of the fence on the most divisive issue in the world?”
— Darren Doane, Filmmaker

“Put two contrarians together and shake well.”
Christianity Today

“Hitchens’ reputation as an intellectual giant precedes him and shines throughout this intense yet civil exchange. Wilson, a lesser known intellectual of a different vein, hangs tough and arguably pokes a significant hole in Hitchens’ logic. Indeed, what struck me most about this book was the degree of civility that both Hitchens and Wilson demonstrate in an age old debate that has otherwise been outright divisive. A must read for this reason alone…SOOOOO REFRESHING!!! Atheists and Christians alike (and everyone in between) will undoubtedly appreciate this most entertaining, short (61-page) exchange between Hitchens and Wilson.”
— A. J. Bennett, San Francisco

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