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In Lieu of Heaven

In Lieu of Heaven

It was a journey of faith that led to a gift of liberation–from God…

In Lieu of Heaven tells of two men’s quests for God. One man’s search takes him through the wilderness, following an inherited faith and the sanction of tradition. The other man has settled simply and comfortably in a secluded garden, having completed his own journey.

One man hopes to meet his God face-to-face. The other man claims to have done just that, and he swears that no one else ever will. Where their paths cross is a tale of vengeance, revelation, and the deconstruction of their God.

Former missionary Kevin Archer combines his mastery of the biblical text and his perennially inquisitive nature, applying them both to an examination of the relationship between God and Man. Author, songwriter, performing musician, past mendicant and present iconoclast, he offers a fearless viewpoint to this time-honored conversation.

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