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God’s Gravediggers: Why No Deity Exists



Raymond Bradley is probably the most important atheist you’ve never heard of. 16 years before the release of Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene, Professor Bradley was completing his Ph.D. regarding the theological problem of free will, setting off a long, esteemed and distinguished career.

As a veteran professor of philosophy back in 1994–long before Krauss, Harris or Hitchens–Bradley debated the renowned Christian academic William Lane Craig using a course of formal logic to demolish not just the idea of “Can a loving God send people to Hell?” but to doubt the existence of God altogether.

20 years after his retirement–which has been punctuated with regular debates and scholarly articles on atheism and philosophy–Bradley has produced his coup de grâce on religion, God’s Gravediggers. It begins as a narrative on his journey from winning souls for Christ in the 1940s to passionately arguing for atheism by the mid-1900s. It fast turns into the philosophical fruit of an entire career from one of the world’s most experienced, yet arguably lesser known, atheist thinkers.


“Bradley’s forte is logic and he brings that to bear throughout the work. It is well-written and thoroughly absorbing. I have nothing but praise for his project.”
— Theodore Drange, Professor Emeritus, West Virginia University

“From a young person’s rejection of Christianity, to a mature philosopher’s cogent critique of all religions. This compelling defense of atheism is a brilliant read.”
— Professor Robert Nola, University of Auckland.

“Bradley does not gloss over difficult points of logic and reasoning. A pleasure to read.”
— Professor Graham Oppy, Chair of Council of the Australasian Association of Philosophy

“With Ray Bradley’s education and years of experience in secular activism, he destroys arguments for theism and outlines why gods likely don’t exist (among other things). A former philosophy professor who debated William Lane Craig in the 1990s, Bradley has the knowledge to put forth arguments and the evidence to support them. Wherever you are on the belief spectrum, I highly recommend God’s Gravediggers.”
— David G. McAfee