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Future Shock

Future Shock

“This book provide the historical perspective on the Industrial Revolution that is lacking in Spengler’s book, above. Toffler correctly ascertains that the industrial Revolution is the first wave of a massive change in human society. The full effect of this change will be equivalent to the Agricultural Revolution of several thousand years ago.

However, Toffler’s statistical methods are extremely flawed. Basically, Toffler seems incapable of distinguishing between a primary curve and its first and second derivitives. Accordingly, Toffler ends up sounding overly shrill in his clarion call about the adverse effects of rapid change on the human spirit.

Nevertheless, over a quarter-century from its first release in 1970, this book remains a staple of our popular culture. Also, it is imperative to the understanding of Toffler’s more recent works that you understand the basic outlines of Future Shock.” — Bill Schultz

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