Facing the Wrath : Confronting the Right in Dangerous Times

Americans have seen the Religious Right seize control of the Republican Party on the state level and at the national convention, controlling everything from the political platform to the presidential nominee selection process. Meeting this challenge means understanding the nature of the threat. Facing The Wrath is an essential guide which provides a comprehensive overview including profiles of the Christian Coalition and Christian Right groups, the assault on the Public Broadcasting System, immigrant bashing, “Dominion theology” seeking to substitute biblical law for secular law. Readers will learn how “Focus on the Family” uses its mega-radio ministry to organize seminars for rightwing activists, how the rightwing and their lawyers threaten secular education, and the rightwing anti-gay agenda. Facing The Wrath reveals the rightwing struggle to control academia, the struggle over foreign policy, and abortion politics (uncontrolled terrorism from the right). From “Family Values”, dominion theology, and abortion politics to xenophobia, homophobia, and free market environmentalism, Sara Diamond’s Facing The Wrath reveals in chilling detail what the fundamentalist dominated, Religious Right agenda means for the United States — and for freethinkers.